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  • Vogt, Resnick & Sherak’s Business & Corporate Practice Group recently closed a transaction for the sale of membership interests for its client that operates a printing business in California to a German private equity group.  The transaction involved substantial negotiations of an operating agreement, shareholders’ buy-sell agreement and related documents. The transaction included provisions for the purchase of key executive life insurance and disability insurance policies.  Jeffrey Resnick and Richard Blumenthal were the lead attorneys on this transaction and negotiated with counsel in Chicago and Germany.
  • Vogt, Resnick & Sherak recently successfully represented a client before the IRS Office of Appeals regarding an insurance tax issue. The IRS agent sought to disallow a large premium deduction, but our attorney was able to convince the IRS to concede the issue and preserve the large premium deduction for the client.
  • Vogt, Resnick & Sherak recently resolved enforced collection efforts by the IRS for a client’s income tax liability of over $100,000 by obtaining an Installment Payment Agreement for the client for a monthly payment of $5,000 per month. The arrangement allowed the client to make minimum payments, while the client’s business recovered sufficiently to address the remaining liability.


“For over 15 years, I’ve used Vogt, Resnick & Sherak for a variety of legal issues that confront me and my business. They have consistently provided timely, efficient and effective representation that has produced positive results. Their turn-around time is remarkable.”

— Michael Donner, President, Barco Uniforms