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Turning the Tables: Offense is Sometimes the Best Defense

In a recent case, the attorneys at Vogt, Resnick & Sherak, LLP (“VRS”) turned the tables on a plaintiff, securing a five-figure settlement in favor of the VRS’s client, who was the defendant in the case.

Despite working well together for over 15 years, a business dispute started when “new management” believed that they could take control over the defendant’s business and get paid a hefty sum in damages. They filed a lawsuit against the defendant, alleging breach of contract, fraud, and seeking a full accounting for a span including every year in which they had worked together. As part of the litigation, the new managers sought the full list of industry leads and contacts from the defendant- which were considered confidential and proprietary information.

VRS in the course of its representation of the defendant immediately went on the offensive, filing a cross-complaint against the membership organization, a motion to disqualify their counsel, and seeking a protective order for confidential information which may be exchanged in the case. As a direct result of the actions taken by VRS, the membership organization capitulated and ended up paying the defendant a five-figure settlement in order to end a fight that they had started. Turnabout truly is fair play!

If you are involved in difficult litigation or have been sued, please contact VRS to discuss aggressive legal strategies to resolve the case.